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Manda Schank
Manda Schank
Freelance Illustrator / Art Contractor / Concept Artist
NYC, United States of America


I'm currently a freelance artist working in the game and comic industry.
Character concept art + Illustration are my strongest aspects. I'm confident in realism + anime styles of art.
I'm self-taught and have been working for various companies in the art industry since 2012. I annually participate in shows & conventions such as New York Comic Con, Chicago Comic Con and Dragon Con, among others.
I am available for hire & I am willing to relocate for a job opportunity.


Concept ArtIllustrationRenderingCharacter DesignGraphic DesignWorld Building

Software proficiency



  • Art Contractor - Illustrator (Sparkle*Kitty Nights) at Breaking Games
    United States of America
    March 2018 - May 2018

    Designed and illustrated 5 characters for the card game.

  • Art Contractor - Illustrator at FCB Health
    New York City, United States of America
    February 2018 - February 2018

    Worked together with an in house illustrator to produce 7 illustrations that were used for advertisements.

  • Art Contractor at Gaia Interactive, Inc.
    Bay Area, CA, United States of America
    April 2014 - Present

    2D pixel artist with item production, 2D illustrator

  • Art Contractor - Illustrator at Voltage Entertainment
    October 2016 - November 2016

    Line artist for Event Illustrations in Castaway! Love's Adventure.

  • Cover Artist - Wayward #20 at Image Comics
    August 2016 - September 2016

    Variant Cover for Wayward #20 - I had the pleasure of working with Jim Zub and I'm grateful for the opportunity to have worked on a guest cover for his comic Wayward.

  • Freelance Illustrator - Farmville 2 at Zynga
    February 2016 - February 2016

    2 postcard illustrations used in-game for an event. I worked with in-game assets to design both cards with additional illustrated objects that I rendered myself.

  • Freelance Illustrator at Team Ninja (Tecmo Koei)
    August 2014 - September 2014

    I provided a 2D illustration of the character Miss Monday, and it was featured with the release of Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z in a limited card deck. I was apart of a Yaiba Scavenger Hunt in the NYCC 2014 Artist Alley to help promote the game. The same illustration is live on the official Yaiba: NGZ website above "Miss Monday Says".

  • Freelance Illustrator at DeNA Global
    November 2012 - March 2013

    Multiple 2D Illustrations used in game.